There are few series of camp offered with fun games but powerful input as listed below. Our professional instructor, moderator and mentor will guide all participant to be at greater level after the camp graduation. Suitable for local or international company.

Check below for more details:


  • Ideal for companies or corporate sector who wish to build confidence among their personnel for better working understanding and smart working. Our Package include physical and mental training individually and groups preferably at beach or an island. The camp provide refreshing mental capability with series of fun games trail. We offer this package to working class level. Government agencies or its affiliation are also welcome to take up this package. We can tailor the camp into 3 days 2 night OR 4 days 3 night. Lots of fun and brain idea work out in this CAMP.


  • We offer this camp to only selected participant or passed preliminary interview. The participant attending this camp will understand daily life hardship either at home, work or society. Contribution feeling and motion will be realized after the series of this camp. Here we provide fun games that require physical strength, strong mind, confidence in making decision and able to pursue task assigned confidently. Participant that passes this camp will be label as an asset to the county. Bear in mind we are not providing guerilla training but FUN exercise with Strength, Mind, team-Work, understanding task.


  • Who can be label as leadership? How can I address myself as leadership? What sort of leadership we refer to? Well leadership can be address as in the political parties, multi-level marketing business or even head of the companies such as President, Chairman, CEO or MD. It refers to an individual who has the LEADERSHIP qualities. A quality that what an individual has earn through inner self-development. Through this cam we will identify and enhance self-built capability to be a qualified LEADERSHIP with self-sustain. Identify the self-value quality and making right decisions with no regrets.


  • Key personnel is the main reason companies cannot move forward. Key management is the strength of a successful company. Strong management is the main factor that affect expanding company into diversified business. Our aim in this camp is to identify 2nd level management to be built as key management in near future. We believe develop internal personnel is faster than hiring new personnel to manage key portfolio in a company. Our program is design to identify the personnel with our module and make recommendation to the top management of each individual that has management quality. 3 days program will enhance each individual capability, strength and attitude. At the end of the camp we can identify qualified individual to hold certain portfolio in a company


  • A starter for newcomer to be in management position. A basic guide and formula for individual that wish to be in management position but has no knowledge of being one. Here we guide and offer series of trial, decision making, task, team-work, group study and so on to make the individual stand as management level personnel. The camp is open to all working individual with has the desire to be at top level. This camp is a basic entry to understand how management level personnel handle daily task. Planning, structure, delegation of work, explanation will be highlight as few topic in the camp. This will be interesting camp as many talking and discussion, argument will be thrown in.

The Training Camp Package Includes:


Accommodation and Camp Venue

Professional Instructor, Moderator and Mentor

Necessary Camp Materials

Food & Beverage Catering

Team Work & Leisure Activities

***Mega Bonus: Our expert team will prepare an insightful and confidential evaluation of each participant to your company/organization for future decision making.

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