Cambodia is opened to Business, to Visit, and to the World!
Cambodia is very potential to be an Asia’s new tiger economy country. Find out Why?

Being the first to provide this business tour package in Cambodia. In this package we provide not only tour site but also information related to doing/partner/franchise a business in Cambodia. A package that are so powerful of local information leading to a successful business marriage.

Below are highlight content of the business tour package:


  • We provide understanding of the country history and how the country emerge from a downfall years ago. An interesting history to understand.


  • Get the latest update of local economic condition comparing to correspondence year for detail understand and growth potential. Portfolio data, research data, update business in town and so on will be available.


  • Due to rapid change of the country many culture has been adapted BUT yet to be change completely thus understanding local culture will benefit overall in long run. We will provide ample details to let anyone understand how the belief and ideology of an individual before we make wrong move.


  • Understanding the people if we plan to do a business is a basic point to target the market audience. Get details from us back from generations to make a successful move.


  • How the government situation, politically or non-politically motivated. How the selection of government being appointed and who are the leaders, follow by hierarchy etc.


  • How the government operate daily monthly yearly affair. Understand how the system improving our business venture and the feasibility of doing business in Cambodia.


  • We can provide any business opportunity based on your expertise. We can “marriage “ your business to our potential profile creating mutual partnership or franchisee business. Many information will be feed in by request.

Read more at: Cambodia’s Business Information

What Services You May Need For?

We can arrange upon your requirement both overland and air transportation; from a standard vehicle to a luxury limousine, and from a standard economy flight to a private charter jet. We do make it happen for you!

No matter what your budget is we can find your match, from 3 star hotel to luxury 5 star lodging.

Just let us know your interested business section/field, we do the rest to bring up the right key persons for you.

Touring/ Gala dinner at a temple is excited and wonderful! leave it to us, it’s our expert. We hold years of experience in tour and incentive arrangements. We guarantee you a life-time memorable experience!

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