Koh Kong
4 Days
Min. 2 People
Group Size


Reconnect with nature at the Koh Kong’s 4Rivers Floating Lodge, unwind and enjoy all that nature has to offer!

Rich in natural beauty, Tatai River in Koh Kong is your highway to the wonders of the Cardamom rainforest and Southeast Asia’s largest coastal mangrove. Amidst thick forest, streams and charming waterfalls, the adventure rewards with scenic sites for great photography. For the keen eco-lovers, venture deep into an extensive mangrove forest of Koh Kong where your will be rewarded by hours of awesome thrills just by observing these natural wonders and the lives that evolve in their midst.

  • Cardamom rainforest and get thrilled by its natural wonders
  • Amidst streams and charming waterfalls of Tatai
  • Kayak down river through the mangrove waterways that reach back into the jungle



  • Comfortable lightweight clothing and soft-soled walking shoes with low or no heels are suitable.
  • For protection from sun, it is suggested you carry a sunhat and sunglasses.

Additional information

Best Travel MonthNovember to February
Travel TypesAdventure, Escape, Family, Package Tour, Special Celebrations
Kayaking at 4Rivers Floating Lodge
4Rivers Floating Lodge in Koh Kong
Tatai River at Sunset
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Activities at 4Rivers Lodge
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