Kingdom of Cambodia – Why go there?

No trip to Cambodia is complete without a visit to the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor. Images simply can’t do justice to the incredible architecture, intricate carvings, pervasive spiritual atmosphere and sheer scale of the site, where over 100 temples built between the ninth and twelfth centuries are scattered over 3000 square kilometres of forest. It’s easy to spend several days wandering around Angkor, learning about life under different rulers and discovering the stories behind the carvings.

Sadly, Cambodia’s recent history has a much darker side, and various museums, memorials and harrowing burial grounds serve as a reminder of the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge between 1975 and 1978. Phnom Penh is the place to learn about this side of Cambodian history, but it is also where you’ll be most impacted by the optimistic, forward-thinking spirit of Cambodia’s people, who display an admirable resolve and openness.

Rural Cambodia is delightfully mellow, dotted with plantations and rice fields. Virgin forest, waterfalls and lakes provide the opportunity for walking, swimming and nature spotting. A new road has opened up the less-frequented regions of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri, where you can enjoy an unspoilt landscape and learn about the many minority groups who reside here. Southern Cambodia is home to small colonial beach-side towns and tranquil beaches and islands, including the immaculate Koh Rong archipelago.

Cambodia's Fast Facts

What You Need to Know Before You Go
  • Time difference:GMT + 7 Hours
  • Tourist Visa:Pre Visa Application at Cambodian Embassy, Issued Visa On Arrival and E-Visa (
  • Tourist Visa On Arrival:Apply upon arrival at the international checkpoints. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months with minimum 2 blank pages, 1 recent passport-size photo, cash USD30 and a completed visa on arrival form. The length of stay is up to 30 days and a single entry.
  • Best time to travel:During the cooler dry season from November to March
  • Climate:Temperatures in Cambodia remain fairly constant year-round from 22 to 38 °C (69.8 to 95 °F). Rainy Season: June to October (25-35 °C), Cool Dry Season/Winter: November to February (18-28 °C) and Hot Dry Season: March to May (29-38 °C).
  • Local Currency:Riel (KHR), while US Dollars are widely accepted (1$=4,100 KHR)
Tourism Map of Cambodia
  • International Airports:Phnom Penh (PNH), Siem Reap (REP) & Sihanoukville (KOS)
  • Border Crossing from:Thailand, Vietnam & Laos
  • Dress Code for TouristsTourists are suggested to dress modestly during the visits to temples in Siem Reap and the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, especially for WOMEN - No see-through clothes, have to bare shoulders and must be skirts below knee length.

Why go there?

Top-Rated Places to Visit in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Capital

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Siem Reap, Angkor Temples

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Sihanoukville, The Islands

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Kep & Kampot, quiet beach towns

A soothing seaside jewel famed for delicious seafood and absolute relaxation. During Cambodia’s golden years before 1970, this lush coastal region was a seaside playground […]

Koh Kong, Cardamom Mountains

Connect with nature and experience an off-the-beaten-track adventure through the jungle in one of Asia’s most extensive Cardamom rainforests. Explore natural wonder in its most […]

The Charming Town of Battambang

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A world apart from Phnom Penh, Battambang enjoys an unhurried pace and has a reputation for friendliness and is also known as the country’s main […]

The Eastern Highland: Kratie – Mondulkiri – Ratanakiri

From the famous Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins to sticky rice, the less-visited province of Kratie has plenty to enjoy outside Angkor Wat. Hub of remote, fascinating […]

The Cambodia’s Lesser-Known Temples, Abandoned masterpieces

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Go beyond Siem Reap’s limits and goes on into the ancient forest where the only sounds are those of the leaves falling and birds calling […]

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